Expanding Matter


Expanding Matter as Popular Belief


By Fred Weidmann




 The “Theory of Expanding Matter” must become public thought. In the long run this is unavoidable, because expanding matter is what this universe is made of. Once this discovery has been made, there is no way back, it will make its way into our everyday thinking, or else we exclude ourselves of the one and only chance to demystify the wonders of this world.




Anyway, it does not hurt to rethink a few things: How did I feel, wandering among magnets, light bulbs, bouncing balls and solid objects, not understanding what so ever? Since I have adopted the idea of expanding matter, I started healing in the field of intellectual self-esteem. I was trapped in a surrealist play where the actors were not physical characters, but strange subjects from some meta-language. Invented “energies” acted upon invented theoretical entities, leading to weird observations, held possible by circular argument and various other argumentative tricks.  Now after meeting Mark McCutcheon’s theory of expanding matter, I can finally hop off the rat wheel. I imagine matter not sitting there passively being tossed around by some immaterial energies, but expanding in order to exist. I try to see things with eyes expanding in synchronicity with everything else in my universe.




      In this thought experiment you my reader are expanding too. In order not to experience active matter mushrooming over you, you have to be made of the same expanding matter as mother earth herself. You will feel her pressure from underneath, not a pull, as you had thought before, your weight. She is your space elevator taking up speed. She is catching up with your landing gear after you have jumped. You are not falling, you just experience weightless floating in space until the solid surface of our planet has caught up with you. And that is not all, as you expand and push in all directions too. If you want to understand this interaction physically, you will have no choice, there is only McCutcheon’s beautiful Expansion Theory that can give you the comprehensive answer.


Our brain squeezes - it seems - our perceptions to fit our beliefs. Many of our so called facts originate in a misinterpretation of what we observe. This is surprising, because our senses and organs must make no mistakes in dealing with the physical reality, or else we would not survive. Why there is no culture that has made this discovery? Why has there never been a shaman who checked how “falling” things were floating stressless?  The misunderstanding is fundamental, of the kind that we see the sun moving across the sky, when in fact it is we turning around the sun. Like this relativistic twist has become a symbol of enlightened thinking in the past, I hope, the inevitable basic fact of expanding electrons and matter makes its way into the hearts and thinking of the scientific community and of every reasonable human. The benefits are surprising. I am proud to live in the time when Mark McCutcheon with his “The Final Theory” overthrew the many flawed inherited attempts to explain our world.